Flock of Birds


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Some bird species can be a real nuisance for you and your home. Birds are known to spread diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella. They are also known to:

  • Dislodge roof tiles, block gutters and build nests.
  • Be aggressive and harass residents, especially during breeding season to protect their young.
  • Damage and ruin the look of homes and cars with their droppings.
  • Encourage secondary insect infestation (including fleas, mites and lice), especially if they nest on your roof - this poses a serious health risk.
  • Bird nesting material inside your roof can be a potential fire hazard

Expert bird control measures, such as pigeon control, will ensure you and your home are protected against the risks associated with pest birds.

Adelaide Pest Control’s Bird Control Services

Since 1947, we have proudly been protecting South Australian homes from the damaging effect of pest birds. Excellent insight into local pest birds enables us to develop a safe, effective and humane pest management program including bird removal, netting and spike systems.