Cockroaches on fruit


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Signs of Cockroaches

Discovering a cockroach infestation requires immediate action to ensure a fast solution to the problem and to minimise the health risks associated with this insect.

Cockroaches are usually attracted to food available in your property. They will eat anything from foods, paper, packaging, plastics and fabrics to animal matter (eg. rat and mice droppings.). It is often easier to spot signs of a problem in your home or business rather than an actual live cockroach. As nocturnal creatures, cockroaches usually hide out of sight during the day and become more active in their search for food at night.

Cockroach Problem Signs

To help identify a possible cockroach infestation that requires professional treatment, keep an eye out for the following:

Have you spotted cockroach eggs or droppings?

Contact Adelaide Pest Control if you have spotted any of the signs above. Our team of professionals use the latest technology and innovation to effectively keep these cockroaches away.