Signs of mice


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Signs of Mice

Your home could provide an ideal location for food and shelter for the common House mouse.

Once inside your property, mice prefer to keep hidden during the day. Identifying a potential infestation through signs of activity is often a lot easier than trying to spot an actual mouse.

  • Noises - Scratching noises in the walls or ceilings as mice scurry around.

  • Droppings - mice leave small, dark droppings particularly along walls, in cupboards or under sinks.

  • Distinctive smell - mice leave an ammonia-like smell that will be particularly strong in more enclosed areas such as under cupboards.

  • Damage - mice have teeth that grow continuously and will gnaw on wood, plastic, cables and other hard materials to keep their teeth shorter.

  • Grease marks (smudges or smears) - This is caused by mice fur constantly brushing against walls, floors and skirting on regular routes. You may find dark smears around holes or around corners.

  • Nests - mice build nests with shredded material such as newspaper and fabrics. These will tend to be in hidden places such as behind fridges. Nests will often contain young mice.