Our Technical Expertise

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Technical Expertise

For over 65 years, Adelaide Pest Control has provided innovative solutions to home pest problems. Your Adelaide Pest Control technician will look for the cause of your pest problem, not just treat the symptoms. This requires a highly trained individual who understands the biology of pests that can infest your home.

You’ll be working with the most technically advanced and trained company in the pest control industry.

Services & Treatments

Pests are highly adaptive creatures and research and development is the key to staying one jump ahead of all the creatures that can cause problems. Our research and development is always led by what customers tell us they need.

When food manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies came to us with highly specific requirements, we developed a range of high standard services which employ smart technology, smart thinking and new products we developed to provide the requisite protection.

Adelaide Pest Control Technicians

Our technicians are licensed skilled professionals that participate in ongoing training programs to keep their skills sharp. As a registered training organisation (RTO), the training our technicians undertake had been developed specifically to raise their knowledge and practical experience to the high standards.

We train our technicians to provide the highest standard of service that is designed with children and pets in mind. Our technicians are also truly local to you as they live and work in the communities they serve.