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Signs of a Bird Infestation

Without realising, your home could be the perfect environment for pest birds. Pigeons survive in most environments that offer the slightest amount of shelter to build their nests and actively search for our waste food.

It can be quite difficult to remove birds that are allowed to nest or roost for a long period of time. A small problem has the potential to turn into a significant one, with large infestations often starting from the presence of a few birds. For example, pigeons flocks can grow to anywhere between 50 and 500 birds in a short period of time.

Professional bird deterrent services can provide effective, safe and humane solutions to your bird problem.

Call Adelaide Pest Control today for advice and to discuss how to deter birds without harming them or contact us now.

Common Signs of Bird Infestation

Knowing when you have an infestation problem and getting an instant and effective solution will keep you and your home safe from pest birds.

Below are typical signs of bird infestation:

  • Birds making roofs or ledges their home.
  • Constant bird noises and cries, particularly from very young birds.
  • Materials from bird nests scattered around your home.
  • Damaged gardens and plants - from pecking and bird fouling.
  • Droppings - in areas where birds settle in.
  • Remains from nests and feathers - can obstruct your gutter and drainage systems, potentially causing damage to your home as a result of water damage.

Where to look for bird problems

  • Areas of tall buildings and flat roofs as pigeons use these areas to nest.
  • Balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, guttering and culverts as these areas are favoured places for nesting.
  • Flat roofs are where seagulls in particular like to flock together.
  • Gaps larger than 25mm is all it takes for birds to access your premises.
  • Pigeons favour roof spaces to settle in and can shift loose tiles to gain access, potentially causing damage to your home.

Do Bird Noises and Nests have you worried?

If any or all of these infestation signs are familiar to you, get in touch with our bird specialists.

We at Adelaide Pest Control have developed effective bird control programs over a number of years, using methods that won’t harm the birds or impact your home. Our team of experts have an extensive understanding of local pest birds, and are here to provide an effective solution to keep you and your home safe from pest birds.

Don’t let pest birds damage your home! Call us on 1300 697 290 or contact us online and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to help you control birds in and around your home.

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