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Mosquito Prevention

“Mozzies” is a common term in Australia but that sure doesn’t mean we like it! Here are a few tips you can try at home to avoid these annoying pests.

Top Tips to Keep Mosquitos at Bay

  • Close your windows after dark - Keep windows and doors closed or use curtains to block the light that can attract these insects.

  • Fit fly screens to windows - Insert fly screens to deter entry of these insects into your home.

  • Clear up - Make sure you remove any dead mosquitoes, as they are a tasty snack for other pests such as carpet beetles.

  • Cover water - Cover water containers and buckets with well fitted lids to avoid mosquito larvae in the water.

  • No standing water - Do not leave any exposed pools of water (in watering cans for example) as mosquitoes love this kind of environment for breeding.

  • Invest in natural predators - Goldfish eat mosquito larvae so they can do all the hard work for you if you have a garden pond.

  • Try natural repellents - Including neem oil, citronella, lemon eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, garlic witch hazel, lavender and vanilla extract.

Mosquito Species

Learn more about the lifecycles and habits of these blood-suckers.

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Signs of Mosquitoes