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Physical Termite Barriers

It is estimated that termites destroy more homes in Australia than all natural disasters combined. Even a building slab built to Australian Standards can sometimes crack, allowing termites to enter your home from beneath, undetected.

Physical Termite Barrier is installed as a termite and moisture barrier underneath or around the perimeter of the slab and around pipe penetrations. This will prevent subterranean termites, capable of fitting through a gap sized 1.5mm, from entering your property.

It offers long-lasting protection for your property without the need to continually top it up with additional chemicals.


  • What is a Physical Termite Barrier? - A physical termite barrier is a layer that is placed underneath the slab of your home or building.
    • It comes in wide sheets which are laid in the same way as a moisture layer before the slab is poured.
    • The sheets in a adelaide Pest control barrier are overlapped, sealed with adhesive and taped down with a quality cloth tape.
    • The termite barrier is laid either with complete coverage beneath the slab or around the perimeter of the slab and pipe penetrations, depending on your property and requirements.
  • Who should use the Adelaide Pest control Physical Barrier? - There may be value in installing a Adelaide Pest Control  physical termite barrier if:
    • You are building your new home
    • You are building a new extension to your home.
  • Benefits for Builders:
    For builders, Adelaide Pest Control  is the only supplier of pre-construction termite barriers that has national coverage. Our highly skilled and trained staff ensure your homes are protected from termites with consistent service nationwide and a single point of contact for all your service needs. Find out how a partnership with Adelaide Pest control  can benefit your projects.
  • Information for New Homeowners - If you have bought a home with a Adelaide Pest Control physical termite barrier, you can rest assured that it has been installed by a qualified and experienced Adelaide's Termite Control Technician.

Red termite barriers: peace of mind

As Australia’s leading provider of termite barriers, we now have our own custom coloured barriers!

The colour red is synonymous with Rentokil, so from now on when you see a red physical termite barrier you know that that property is being protected by the experts.


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