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Fly Infestation

Noticing a few noisy flies in your home may not mean you have an infestation. However, it should act as a warning sign to take some preventative action.

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Common Signs

  • Small dark clusters of spots - Look in light fittings, upper areas of the room and wall surfaces. Check areas that are difficult to clean thoroughly such as drainage channels, drains and sub-floor cavities where the contents of broken drains may be accumulating. Gully traps, and areas around sinks and below damaged floor tiling should also be monitored.

  • Regular sighting of flies - large number of flies buzzing around refuse areas and the base of wheelie bins or other waste containers may indicate a more serious problem. Check anywhere that water pools including in guttering, rainwater butts, tyres or old machinery. Waterlogged pot plants may also attract flies.

  • Maggots - these are flies in their larval stage and could indicate a potential breeding site on your property. You may discover maggots in waste areas and deteriorating food.

How to get rid of flies

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